Partial Discharge Measurement in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Range

S. M. Markalous LDIC Diagnostic GmbH, Kesselsdorf, Germany
S. Tenbohlen, D. Denissov and S. M. Hoek Universität Stuttgart, Germany


The paper provides essentially a summary of PD measurements applying the UHF range in order to increase the detection threshold, to improve the localization accuracy and to perform on-line measurements of Partial Discharge (PD) in noisy environments. The electromagnetic UHF technique offers good signal to noise ratios, because external PD signals and disturbances can be shielded  effectively. A new developed method allows the localization of PD in gas-insulated substations (GIS) by frequency domain measurements. The basic idea is the displacement law of Fourier transformation. The interference phenomena of superposed signals from two sensors give information about the  time  delay of the sensor signals. On-site PD measurements are made at cable connectors by means of monopole antennas housed in a barrel sleave, while the cable is in service. Thus a sensitive PD measurement even in noisy environment is possible. PD- measurements on several 72 kV cable connectors were performed in an unshielded laboratory. On-site measurements during operation showed the great potential for condition assessment. For decoupling sensitive UHF PD signals from the inner of a power transformer tank UHF sensors applied through drain/oil valves are used.

Experimental studies indicate that all relevant types of PD possibly occurring within a transformer emit high frequency spectra to be detected with UHF sensors. Furthermore in laboratory experiments and on-site measurements very moderate UHF signal attenuations have been observed.

Keywords: Gas insulated switchgear, cable accessories, power transformers, on-site partial discharge measurement, UHF-sensor, condition assessment.

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