After all, no one wants to follow a profile with few followers and no bio. Make sure your staff not only tell their friends about your account, but also let everyone who enters your business know. If you’ve got a few younger staff members motivated to promote your Instagram account, you should see your following grow. One way to grow your following organically is by offering value to your followers so they help spread the word for you. You can do this by offering exclusive contests and deals to your followers. If you’re already convinced that Instagram could be huge for your business, you might be wondering how to go about getting more followers.

I’m so proud of everything we accomplished in that first year, and it’s exhilarating that we’re just getting started. Ultimately, buy Views accounts like Zang’s are intended to obscure global criticisms of China, said Jessica Brandt, a Brookings Institution expert on foreign interference and disinformation. Tye and Sterzel say the exchange pulls back the curtain on how China pushes propaganda through influencers who profit from it. British video blogger Jason Lightfoot raved about the opportunity in a video on YouTube advertising the event.

We also would love to hear how other businesses are painting pictures of marketing success. African-American Marketing Association founder Michelle Ngome implores marketers to consider diversity in their content creation. “What kinds of content are you sharing on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn company pages, and Twitter? Is there a healthy balance of perspectives shared in choices of topics and the your messages?

This way, the owner of the content you shared will find it worthy of sharing and retweeting yours as well. As a good twitter practice, learn how to add a few images and videos to your twitter posts as these will definitely get you more followers. To beat the competition on twitter and hopefully attract followers, you need to keep your current followers informed. Aresearchon the best frequency to tweet shows that tweeting between 3-20 times per day will definitely yield results for your marketing efforts.

The more content you have, the more opportunities you will have for it to be shared and discovered. Make sure that what you’re posting is content that engages, educates, or entertains. Read more about here. Strong content also ensures that prospective followers understand who you are and what they can expect to get from you if they follow you.

Let’s walk through some tactics to get real followers — fast. One of the best kinds of comments you can get on any social media post, not just Instagram, is when one user tags a friend. Cross-promoting involves posting similar content across various social media channels.

Our headsets, software, desk phones, audio and video conferencing, analytics and services are used worldwide and are a leading choice for every kind of workspace. Check out our list ofhelpful tools out there for basic photo editing, or use an app like Instasize. Don’t get carried away, though — sometimes a slight boost of contrast and exposure is all you need.

As the ideal time to post because there are many engaged users on the platform and fewer people posting at that time. Instagram for business accounts has its own version of sponsored adverts that you can use to promote your travel company and get more Instagram followers. There are several formats that you can use for your adverts – photo, video, carousel ads, and stories ads. Use social media managing tools such as Hootsuite to schedule the timely release of your posts across all of your social media platforms. Identify any upcoming holidays or events in your calendar and schedule your Instagram posts in advance to manage your workflow. Instagram Stories provide another platform to create content that will fulfil your goal, whether it is related to buying products or service, reading a blog post or downloading a song.

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