In September 2009, site – – a modified Toyota Prius accomplished a cross-country journey from San Francisco to New York with the assistance of an algae-based gasoline. The “Algaeus,” a plug-in electric hybrid vehicle, made the 3,750-mile (6,035-kilometer) trek in just 10 days (permitting time for publicity stops). Sapphire Energy, considered one of the major companies working to develop algae as a cost-effective gas, supplied the proprietary mixture of algae-based gasoline for the journey. The concoction ran within the Algaeus with out having to modify its engine and based on the drivers, “performed flawlessly” [supply: Sapphire Energy].

Race Car Designers Go MainstreamHave you ever ever pulled up subsequent to a Mustang that doesn’t look quite like a Mustang? It was most likely a Shelby Mustang, named after legendary race car driver and designer Carroll Shelby. Like different racing legends, his work on the observe proved so fashionable that Ford asked him to modify the Mustang for several special editions. Shelby Mustangs are such nice wanting vehicles (and sizzling performers) that they’ve change into extremely coveted collectors’ gadgets.

Styling was extra elaborate, with curved upper-body character traces meant to evoke 1973-77 Montes, although it’s doubt­ful many younger folks made the connection. Lovers nonetheless didn’t a lot join with the performance or handling, though both have been more than acceptable. Indeed, Consumer Guide® mentioned the “SS shines on twisty roads” and located its experience “compliant sufficient on bumpy metropolis streets.”

Ford (and Plymouth) counterpunched with all-new styling for ’57. Chevy had to make do with one other substantial facelift, but it surely was deftly executed and quite well-liked. In reality, this Chevy is still regarded by many as the definitive ’50s automotive. There were now eight engine decisions, up three from ’56, including no fewer than six 283 V-8s with 185 as much as 283 bhp.

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