In addition to this form of ‘self-efficacy’, creating and fulfilling creative freedom and graphics, one of the reasons for Roblox’s success is also the social component: most games are either competitive or cooperative. in nature, going on adventures with friends or just hanging out at a holiday resort, chat is always on. If we want to get more currency, we can use robux free gift card.

However, Schulz sees quite critically that “Roblox” is so insultingly addressing such a young target group. This raises the question of data protection and related problems such as cyberbullying or seduction, a form of sexual harassment in a virtual space for which Schauhin warns that there is always a risk in open chat rooms.

Last but not least, media coach Schulz lists the option to invest real money as one of the most problematic aspects. Therefore, it recommends parents, as with all other games, to prevent in-app purchases. In general, after installing “Roblox” you should go through all the settings and definitely set a PIN so that children cannot change it, he advises. With Roblox, many people use robux free generator.

Parents should set up playlists

It is also possible to set up lists of games and make them available only to the youngest. “But that does not exempt us from the educational task of accompanying children to play,” says Schulz. This does not mean sitting next to him all the time, but looking at what is happening on the screen every now and then and talking about it when necessary. Choose robux generator for better results in the game.

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