There’s also a lot of flexibility within these features themselves. Encouraging these kinds of interactions will not only help you build a deeper connection with your audience, but it can also help you grow your reach too. This year, Instagram also introduced “Type” mode, which a new way for users to share what’s on their mind with creative text styles and backgrounds. Way back in 2018, Instagram revealed that posts would return to a more chronological order.

When your account is private, you’ll have to approve new followers before they can see your photos or videos. Only approved followers will be able to find your posts through search, see which posts you’ve liked, and send you direct messages. With a private account, Google also won’t index any of your photos to Google Images. This will make your reel appear in the feeds of your followers as well as the Reels explore section. It can gain you the required interaction and engagement after posting a reel. If you keep that option off, your followers will not be able to see your reel while scrolling their feeds.

50%of consumers prefer videos to go along with content they engage with. After all, a high engagement rate makes all the difference when it comes to ranking on the explore page! To assist in video creation, you can go the free route simply by using your phone. Instagram looks at the quality of your posts, videos, or reels when judging their eligibility for the explore page. Recycle popular audio clips, run contests, or post on hot industry topics that will help boost engagement and attract new viewers.

How are people going to find an account unless you promote your Instagram? Make sure your Instagram account is listed with your website and other social networks. Find marketing collaborations and co-marketing plans with other businesses to build your Instagram audience. These types of campaigns build social proof by showing your fans are invested enough to repost your content or create their own UGC.

This is evident if you take a look at any of the brand’s social accounts, with Zappos’ continuously working to reply to customer queries and resolve any outstanding issues. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. Its work with Land O’ Lakes for National Agriculture Day also garnered 95.6 million impressions and 2.3 million engagements across social platforms. These platforms include Snapchat, where National Geographic is able to reach and educate a young audience. As well as creating winning content, a good social strategy also requires knowing how to respond well on social platforms – particularly in the face of a PR crisis. In 2018, KFC showed how its done with its response to the now infamous chicken shortage, which happened when KFC switched to a new supplier and was unable to meet demand. With nearly nine million followers across three Instagram channels, Gymshark is one of the most visible fitness brands on the platform.

You and I both know that we have doom scrolled through numerous reels, TikToks, or Youtube videos for pure enjoyment and relaxation. When you’re choosing your audience, it’s important to find one that’s relevant to your brand. If you’re a clothing company, for example, targeting people who like hiking isn’t going to be very helpful.

This greatly helps you streamline your publishing efforts, enabling you to catch your audience when they’re the most engaged. Followers will want to visit your profile more if they know you are interested in talking to them in the comments, through direct messages, or even in a live stream. Reply to comments you get on your posts, and tag people and places in your posts, as long as those tags are relevant to the picture or video that you’re posting. One of the most successful strategies to help you increase engagement and gain new followers is to run a contest or a giveaway on Instagram.

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