There are some plant foods that were found to be toxic to pets such as dogs and cats.

Hence you want to be familiar with what to avoid as well as prevent access to. If you are not sure if cats can eat fruits, you can check with your vet to ensure your planned treats will not be harmful to your pet. Keep in mind also that cats are carnivorous.

They can be very picky about what they eat and are also incapable of digesting certain types of foods.

There are some healthy treats that can go well with most pets. They include apples with their cores removed, strawberries, blueberries, frozen bananas, watermelon without the seeds, carrots, both raw and cooked, green beans, sweet potatoes, lettuce, spinach, squash and catnip or cat grass.

While dogs enjoy the delicious sweet taste of fruits, cats cannot actually taste sweet foods. They actually do not appreciate some fruits no matter how sweet they taste. In fact, some cats do not eat any fruit at all.

Some of the types of human foods that you should never give your cat include grapes and raisins.

They contain chemical compounds that can be very toxic to cats and even dogs. They also should not have avocado and here are the findings fruits with pits like cherries, peaches and plums. That is because the pit can be sometimes toxic or can present a choking hazard to cats.

You should also not allow your cat to eat foods with garlic and onions. These spices have chemical properties that are not only toxic but can be potentially life-threatening to both cats and dogs. Tomatoes are a big no-no too. Mushrooms, specifically wild mushrooms should never be given to cats.

Nuts can also be toxic to cats especially macadamia nuts.

There are some great ways to feed healthy and safe treats for your cat. The foods should be steamed or see post baked, sliced up in small pieces and given only in small amounts at a time. This can prevent choking as well as carbohydrate and calorie overload.You can serve fruits and vegetables by themselves or puree them and mix with the food you prepared and give at meal times.

Replacing the high-fat, dense packaged treats of your cat with healthy treats such as fruits and vegetables is one of the most beneficial and favorable things you can do for your pet.

Over time, the health and immune system of your cat will become stronger, again won't be as severe as you expect it and her weight will . If ever weight is already an issue, you can see the weight of your pet becoming more manageable by sticking to it and including moderate exercise.

A small change in the diet of your pet should be accompanied by careful observance of any issue that may arise in response to such change. If your cat is starting to show some behavioral or digestive changes, stop giving the new foodstuff and ask your vet about what you can do in case the problem stays in the absence of the food added.

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