When the mother of Baby P was jailed ‘indefinitely’ back in 2009 for ‘causing or allowing’ the terrible death of her 17-month-old son, most of us believed she would spend the rest of her life in jail.

What other sentence could possibly have been sufficient for a monster whose tiny lad was so viciously tortured that he was found dead in his blood-spattered cot, having suffered 50 injuries, including a snapped spine, eight broken ribs, a broken leg and torn out fingernails?

But despite our assumption that Tracey Connelly would never be let out, she emerged from prison just four years later, after the Parole Board deemed she was no longer a risk to society.Of course, she then breached her release conditions, selling naked photos of herself online, and so was sent back inside.

Unbelievably, Connelly is set to be released again within the next few weeks following another Parole Board decision.

When the mother of Baby P was jailed ‘indefinitely’ back in 2009 for ‘causing or allowing’ the terrible death of her 17-month-old son, most of us believed she would spend the rest of her life in jail

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab, a lawyer himself, says Connelly is ‘pure evil’ and should never have been set free.He is demanding a complete reform of the Parole Board.

Sorry, but this is beginning to sound like a broken record. Last year, Colin Pitchfork was after serving 31 years in prison for the rape and murder of two schoolgirls.Within weeks he was back behind bars after breaching the terms of his release by approaching young women while out on walks alone.

Raab can wring his hands as much as he likes. What we need is action — against the Parole Board, against our soft judiciary.

Only this week, judges heard appeals from five murderers, including the former police officer Wayne Couzens, who raped and killed Sarah Everard, challenging their whole-life sentences.

But surely it is unconscionable that such people should ever be released, that the likes of Connelly or Pitchfork or Couzens should ever be on our streets again. Even if they were no longer a risk to society — which clearly isn’t the case — whatever happened to the principle that the punishment should fit the crime?

I do not believe in the death penalty, but there is villainy so heinous that the perpetrators should die behind bars.And Tracey Connelly’s unspeakable brutality should condemn her to that fate.

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, worth £110 million, claimed taxpayers’ furlough money to pay his company’s 11 employees. What else can you expect from a drummer who made squillions from the hit Money, click here to investigate with its line: ‘Money, it’s a gas, grab that cash with both hands and make a stash’?

We’ll miss you Ma’am

Huge disappointment for the thousands going to Buckingham Palace garden parties now we learn that the Queen will not be attending.

I agree with one courtier that we’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope.‘We should be saying how well Her Majesty is doing aged 96, not the other way around,’ he said.

On the other hand, we really don’t want her being replaced at the parties with disgraced Andrew and his hangers-on daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie.

Helen’s husband guilty of foul play 

Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton announced on Instagram her husband, Richie Myler, had left just four months after their third child was born. What kind of man gives up on an eight-year marriage when three children, including a newborn, are involved?

Now, just days later, we hear he’s got a new girlfriend — the daughter of his millionaire boss.Like so many rotters, Myler no doubt assured Helen there was no one else. The rugby player’s behaviour gives a whole new meaning to putting the boot in. Send him to the sin-bin — for good!

The new trend is for pup pre-nups so couples can work out who gets Fido in the event of a divorce.But what about cats? When I divorced, my ex wanted one of our ginger brothers and threatened to kidnap — catnap? — him. I said: ‘If you do that, I’ll murder you.’ Both Ronnie and Reggie lived out their lives with me; no pre-cat-nup needed — just a death threat.

Much whingeing from legal eagles after law firm Stephenson Harwood offers staff the choice to work from home — if they take a 20 per cent pay cut.A perfect model for every Government department — not least the bone-idle DVLA.  

Experts say the trick to get young children to eat their vegetables is to bribe them with a toy or a reward. Raising spoilt snowflakes by rewarding them with treats for eating their peas?Whatever happened to the fail-safe tactic of my Dad’s generation? He’d say to my brothers and me: ‘Eat everything on your plate or you’ll go to bed hungry.’

One can only wonder how long it will take Brits hit by a terrifying cost of living crisis before the cry goes out to end the eye-watering sums we stump up for our failed migration system.It cannot be just that the Government spends £4.7 million a day to house people in hotels, many of whom have come here illegally — when ordinary folk can’t afford to pay their rent. 

Tyson is now fast and Fury 

After heavyweight champion Tyson Fury won his last fight, he said he was quitting boxing to spend more time with his lovely wife and six kids; that he was a humble man who didn’t need much money and proudly drove around in a beaten-up VW Passat.Must be some Tyson lookalike, then, with a £140,000 Porsche courtesy car while his £250,000 Ferrari was in for a service. 

The working mum trying to get her child to school who nudged Insulate Britain fanatics blocking the road with her car has been banned from driving for a year and fined.What heresy to rob Sherrilyn Speid of her right to take her son on the school run, while many of the glue-mob who disrupt traffic for hours walk free from court with just a caution. 

Westminster Wars 

Those who voted Labour in Wandsworth can look forward to their council taxes soaring — they’re nearly double the rate in neighbouring, Labour-run Lambeth — and have a peek at this site fortnightly bin collections instead of weekly.Welcome to my socialist world of Camden!

Of all of Keir Starmer’s fibs over Labour’s ‘Beergate’, the most risible is ‘misremembering’ his deputy Angela Rayner was at the event. Crikey, even if she isn’t adjusting her lovely legs, the ginger whinger is hardly forgettable!

For the first time I did not vote in the local elections after discovering my Tory councillors had distanced themselves from the PM and stood under the banner of ‘Local Conservatives’.Boris is the most successful leader we’ve had in decades. Show some respect or you’ll never get my vote again.

Why did Amber stay? 

A sobbing Amber Heard claims in court she was raped by her husband Johnny Depp weeks after they married in 2015, and that he even threatened to kill her.Her testimony is so horrible to hear, it makes me wonder why she stayed in the marriage for a further two years after suffering such abuse. 


Heartbreaking enough that Victoria Beckham’s new daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz, chose not to wear bespoke VB gowns for her wedding to son Brooklyn, nor in any of the many post and pre-wedding parties. 

Worse, Posh was relegated to dressing Scary Spice and her mum when Mel B collected her MBE (knickerless, as she told the world).I’d say there’s not much chance of mother-in-law Victoria heading Nicola’s way any time soon. 


Poor Kelly grounded 

Now he’s playing a washed-up U.S.navy fighter pilot in Top Gun: Maverick, how gentlemanly it would have been if Tom Cruise, pushing 60, had invited Kelly McGillis, his co-star from the original movie, to join him for the remake. Instead, Monica Barbaro, 31, is his hot totty. 

The fabulous actress McGillis could have played washed-up very convincingly, too.Perhaps her age, just a few years older than Cruise, reminds him of his own. 

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