Instagram Stories and Instagram Live are two other features that can help you interact with existing followers and bring you new followers in the process. By getting your existing followers to like and comment on your posts, you increase your chances of showing up in the Explore tab. It shows a grid of both photo and video posts based on who they follow and the type of content they like. You can have a great-looking Instagram profile with lots of awesome content.

Then when you publish your feed, there’ll be a fresh stream of your chosen hashtags on your website. Highlight – The final option is the Highlight layout that puts the focus on your posts and removes the likes and comments. You can also make certain posts larger and more visible with this layout. Even though we’ve talked about the power of images on Instagram so far, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the words you use. Your image captions are a great place to engage with your audience and use persuasive language to encourage them to follow you.

They make use of advanced techniques and artificial intelligence technology to better coordinate with you and create the most perfect plan for your growth on social media. Therefore, without a doubt—they are one of the best places to buy Instagram followers today. If you are not satisfied with their services, they also provide a five-day money-back guarantee that you can avail of.

The dashboard is very user-friendly and offers valuable information about your results. When you buy followers from them, they’ll get them through mass engagements. They have lofty goals and claim that you’ll be able to buy thousands of Instagram followers when you use their services. There are a lot of pitfalls to look out for when using services to buy Instagram followers.

Whatever you choose to do is fine, but keep it consistent across posts so you have a streamlined professional look. While it’s not advised to put a logo on your content, you can include branding. The more you engage, the more you’ll show up in others’ feeds and get noticed. Also, note which of their posts are performing the best – that can serve as another clue as to what can work on your own account. This will keep your audience engaged, show that you actually care what your audience wants to see, and give you ideas for what to post in the future.

Keeping up the conversation is going to help push your post to the top of your follower’s feed. Through other peoples’ comments, your post may even appear on the timeline of their followers too. Always reply immediately after the comment to make sure you keep the conversation going.

Using the power of social media to grow your business is no longer a unique idea. There are several business accounts on Instagram – over 25 million, to be exact. Your page could very easily get lost in the “crowd.” Therefore, you must make your page as reachable as possible. Unless you are a well-known celebrity, you need to follow other users if you want to increase your followers. It is a tit-for-tat kind of game, it will never work one way. You have to put yourself out there for people to come to you.

Your profile picture should match your overall Instagram aesthetic without looking generic. Headshots do better on Instagram than logos, landscapes, or other photos, because they make your followers feel like they’re connecting to a real person. There are three parts of your Instagram profile that you should be paying attention to — your profile photo, your bio, and your content. Read more about here. You’ll only have a few seconds to wow a potential follower with your profile, so it’s important to make it stand out.

So whereas your posts may not appear for lots of followers, your Stories have a great chance. For them, engaging content includes quotes and motivational images that “trigger some form of emotion”. They post ideas from famous business people, quotes from film and television characters, and prompt a response from their audience. Unlike other social networks, you have to send Instagram posts manually. Once you’ve optimized your bio link, it’s time to start posting.

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